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Person who regrew nerves in dead tooth?
This blog is for people who are regrowing teeth, or who have regrown teeth, or who are hoping to regrow teeth. I'm referring, of course, to the regrowing of adult teeth. People from various countries and of various age groups have regrown adult teeth using various methods.
Chances are, in any large crowd, there are a few people who have regrown adult teeth or who know of someone who has. In raising people's awareness of this, it is my hope that this will increase the likelihood of tooth regeneration. A mental block by the collective consciousness of mankind may be inhibiting tooth regeneration.
I'm writing a book on dental regeneration, and am seeking factual stories from those who have had some success with regrowing teeth. If you wish to have your story included in this book, I'll need some information about your case, and permission to use your story.  (I'm also collecting stories on atrocious dental work.)
It helps if you know how the teeth are numbered. This is quite simple: the teeth are numbered from the upper right to the upper left (1-16), and from the lower left to the lower right (17-32). Even if a tooth has been extracted or otherwise lost, the numbering remains the same: i.e. the teeth are still numbered as though they were all there. In other words, even if you've had tooth #1 (upper right 3rd molar/wisdom tooth) extracted your upper right second molar is still #2, and your upper right first molar is still #3.
Dental regeneration is my passion. How so? It's a long story, but here is a summary of it. I am a very experienced dental consumer: including some hundred and fifty trips to the dentist over a period of about fifteen years, during which time I was victimized by mistakes made on a massive scale, bodily harm on a massive scale, pain and suffering on a massive scale. It is this ordeal which has led to my knowledge of bad dental work: the sloppy dentistry which has consumed my health, my financial resources, and every day of my life for many years, and counting - the sloppy dentistry which has ravaged my teeth. This malpractice has also entailed quite the gamut of felony crimes: violent assault, malicious fraud, perjury, conspiracy, bribery, cover-ups, altering of records, obstruction of justice, and willful exacerbation of my injuries by the guilty parties.
Some of the most serious crimes in society are routinely committed by doctors and dentists, yet these crimes go unpunished. Malpractice cover-ups can and do lead to needless suffering and additional permanent injuries inflicted on the victims of malpractice.
In my own case, the malpractice and cover-up crimes have led to diseased organs, heart arrhythmia, the severe absence of red blood cells (a symptom of mercury poisoning), and so much more. The dental malpractice and cover-up crimes left me for dead, and have left me with a mouthful of dead, broken teeth in spite of my very good dental hygiene over the years. I eventually got back on my feet with the help of Chinese medicine, but that is a long story.
I have yet to regrow my own damaged teeth, though in past years I've had some amazing results with acupuncture in calming distraught dental nerves, halting severe dental pain and inflamation, and in reducing facial swelling (in addition to helping me get back on my feet again).
I've researched dental regeneration for years and have gleaned information from books, articles and web pages on the healing of teeth. There are a number of ways to go about tooth regeneration, though what works for one person may not work for another. I've also talked and emailed with a few people who claim to have regrown one or more adult teeth, or who know someone who has.
Methods I've read or heard about include:
  • Diet – but this is controversial; diets suggested range from heavy on meat to raw vegan
  • Energy work - including Quantum Touch (QT)
  • Weight loss - energy is wasted in maintaining excess weight
  • Genetics - runs in the family (lucky families!)
  • Oil swishing for whitening, brightening, tightening and cleaning teeth
  • Mind over matter - in other words, believing you can do it
  • Feng Shui – ancient Chinese practice for health
Then there are people who have regrown teeth without a clue as to how it happened. Perhaps if they really put their minds to it, they could come up with a clue.

There are a number of web sites on tooth regeneration, and I'm trying to pull it together to come up with answers. And as the expression goes: Two heads are better than one. So I look forward to hearing from you.

Here are a few web sites of interest:

The Center for Holistic Dentistry, David L. Lerner DDS

Charts of Tooth-Organ Acumeridian Relationships
(This shows a clear chart of tooth-organ relationships)

PositiveHeathOnline Feng Shui for Health by John Bethel/"Diagram 1 The Ba Gua"

Your Body's Feng Shui - What Your Health Says About Your Life, by Kathryn Weber

(Over half way down page: "West/creativity, children, projects")

Take this one for what it's worth" Dr. and Master Sha: TEETH AND GUMS:
Tao Song for Healing and Rejuvenation of Teeth and Gums

Diet for teeth “by Vinny Pinto, a mystic, remote spiritual healer and consulting scientist.”

Can zinc help teeth?  An interesting article: "Zinc appears to be the real hardener of bones and teeth"

The amazing minister, (the late) Willard Fuller, who really did heal people’s teeth:

Oil pulling and coconut oil:

Recommend this article on fluoride by Dr. Gerard F. Judd, Ph.D.:

REGROW NERVES IN DEAD TOOTH?  "Healing Teeth Naturally"
I am not a candidate for this diet (raw liver) Gerson diet, but this is the only web site I've found on a dead tooth regeneration.

Please note, this blog is not about what's going on in Dr. Frankenstein's lab: splicing genes, or implanting tooth bulbs or ultrasound devices in your gums. And animal research is not ethical. This blog is for people looking for ways to regrow or heal teeth with little or no intervention from the dental community.


by Marjorie Rhodes 2009
(All rights reserved)

"Open wide!" As he eyeballs your mouth, looking for dollar signs.

"Insurance?" Yes! And he smirks his own teeth to think of the money he finds.

With probe and mirror the hunt begins, seeking to strike it rich. 

With bank-account brain, he's bound to find in every tooth a glitch. 

I make 'em whiter, make 'em brighter; and these could use a gold crown. 

Grabbing his buzz saw, he gets to work, grinding your pearly whites down.

Your overworked teeth are hurting so much he decides to pull them all. 

"Implants!" he declares, at $5,000 per tooth, and now you begin to bawl. "

But wait, what's this? We can regrow our teeth, and do it ourselves" you say?

The mouth doctor shrieks, his smirk hits the floor, for his drill is quiet today.